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Surf beach bar at Cornwall

Do want a place to play, eat and drink this summer after surfing in Sennen beach?


Do want a place to play, eat and drink this summer after surfing in Sennen beach? Then you can go to the Surf Beach Bar. It has a fabulous view of the Sennen beach that all visitors to West Penwith and Sennen agree is unrivaled by other bars in the vicinity.

Whichever part you choose to explore be it strolling on the beach side, or surfing, you will have beach bars to eat and drink. However, the preferred one remains Surf beach bar. Let us take you on a trip to this famous bar in Sennen Cove.

Surf beach bar at Cornwall

The Surf Beach Bar in Sennen Cove

Firstly, you should know that going to the Surf Beach Bar with a surfboard can be interesting whether you hire or buy one. If you are budget-minded, you can find the best-used surfboard according to your level of expertise. Why? Well, your trip would not be complete if you visit the Surf Beach Bar in Sennen Cove without surfing in the clear water of Sennen Beach.

The surf beach bar is in the pristine Sennen Cove in Cornwall, two miles before the island’s end. The bar gives you unbeatable views of the clear ocean water and the Sennen Cove.

As a beachgoer, surfer, tourist, or hiker to the Bay, the Surf Beach Bar accommodated in the former Beach restaurant, is your earnest choice among other excellent beach bars in Cornwall.

This relaxed beachside bar has a friendly and caring staff. The Surf Bar is not only a striking cafe in the best spot in Cornwall, but also has extensive parking facilities with a custodian.

The Surf Beach Bar, Food and Playtime Services

At this beachside restaurant, you can eat nutritious favorites your family has always cherished. The shop opens Wednesday to Sunday at 10:30 am, and the Roast is at noon.

Remain assured that its culinary experts obtain the cooking ingredients only from reliable local suppliers. The cooks hand-picked these seasonal ingredients to cook your favorite burgers, pasta, and pizzas for your eating delight.

Arguably, the Surf Beach Bar is the most trusted beach bar to relax and surf on the beach, in West Cornwall, in the summer with your family.

That’s not all, as the Surf Den a part of the Surf Beach Bar, treats you with melodious music from its resident DJ while dining outdoors in the Summer months. At the Surf Den, eat as much fish and chips, coffee, cakes, and Cornish cream teas as you like. You can even take your dog with you, provided it is on a leash and well-trained.

Sennen beach on Webcam at the Surf Beach Bar

Part of the attraction you should expect at the Surf Beach Bar is the Sennen Webcam. The Sennen Surf Bar offers all customers the privilege of watching the Sennen beach on Webcam.

You can watch the ocean swell in comfort in the Bar before you start surfing by playing the Surfline HD Cam to view the whole Sennen beach. You will also see other live cams in the area.

At the Sennen beach, the sea supplies a Westerly or Southwesterly swell, depending on the time of day you choose to surf at Sennen. The Swell forecast is updated daily on the internet and sometimes ranges between 6 feet to 15 feet at a different time of day.

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Picking the Best Sports Bar for a Football Game With Friends 

If you are a football fan who loves to watch every game, you probably know that there is a big difference between watching a game alone at home and watching in a sports bar. The best sports bars don’t just offer live games on a flat-screen, they have state-of-the-art visual technology. 

You can rent an entire sports bar to watch a football game as part of your guys’ night out, bachelor’s eve, or even a bridal shower. Look out for a sports bar with HD TVs, good drinks, excellent customer services, and other activities you can enjoy. It should not just be about sports. 

You and your friends can even spice things up by placing a bet on the game. With a reliable website like, you can get soccer predictions and news to make each visit to the sports bar a day to remember.

biggest fight sports history mc Gregor vs Mayweather

McGregor vs Mayweather, watch in Dublin the clash of Titans

biggest fight sports history mc Gregor vs Mayweather

Everyone is talking about the fight between Conor “The Notorious” McGregor and Floyd  Money” Mayweather right now!

The fight is tomorrow the 26th of August in Las Vegas!

First of all, from what we know no sports bars are showing this fight due to the time. The main event begins at 4am BST, but the fight itself may start closer to 5am (Irish time)…

But you can watch this fight in Dublin!

Watch Conor McGregor’s fight in Temple Bar at Sin Nightclub

Doors open at 10pm and since it’s a nightclub you can show your best moves and warm up before the fight!

You have to book in advance here (some tickets left):

Watch Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather in Dublin 

Other places with more details from this great article:

And to summarize:

Vue Cinema, Liffey Valley

 Tickets are €20 for adults and €17.50 for Students and Seniors. You can book your tickets online:

The Wright Venue, Swords

Price: €15

Same as for Sin nightclub, you can put on your dancing shoes and warm up before the fight!

Tamango Nightclub, Portmarnock

Price: €14 to see  the fight in Portmarnock

Watch McGregor VS Mayweather at home

Price: €24.95
Sky Sports Box Office will show the fight for €24.95 in the Republic of Ireland. You can buy the fight here or from Virgin Media here:

Mayweather vs McGregor: Final Press Conference

Two great champions but only one winner

Floyd Mayweather, 40 years old, is yet undefeated, with 49 victories to his record. Retired since 2 years, the world champion in 5 different boxing categories is making an exception by returning to the stage to compete against the MMA Irish legend. 

Conor McGregor is only 28 but he’s surely a huge opponent for the American star, with his 21 victories, he’s the most famous fighter in MMA.

A challenge for McGregor

The fight will follow the English boxing rules, which could be a problem for the MMA Irish star as he’s used to fighting under UFC rules and conditions: smaller gloves and some techniques that aren’t allowed with English rules, such as leg kicks or takedown. Moreover, some great stars of the field are betting on his defeat. Lennox Lewis, triple champion in juggernauts, thinks the fight is useless as the Irish fighter will be trashed by Mayweather. For others, the American champion has more experience and techniques than his counterpart, which is a huge advantage for him. So, the question is: who will win this epic fight?

Fight is in the air

Mc Gregor's suit fck you MayweatherThe pair did a giant promotional tour together, in order to attract more sponsors and spectators. In each of these meetings, the two fighters faced each other in front of a wild crowd and the air between them was electric. They teased each other all the time in order to prove who is the boss. But the most iconic offense was from McGregor when he wore a striped suit which was in fact stripes with the word “F**K You”.

Eager to fight and to see who will win, the two legends are preparing themselves for the encounter tomorrow.


Buskers on the Ball is a great sports bar in the city centre

The Buskers On The Ball is the new place to be in the famous area of Temple Bar and it’s from now on one of our new partners!

Situated in Fleet Street, the big Buskers On The Ball is a perfect spot to watch a game with a good pint, by the way, they have a great selection of our favorite type of beers: IPA! With the BruRi IPA, 60 Knots India Pale Ale, Hurricane IPA,  Maggies Leap IPA etc. And they serve also delicious cocktails and food (see below ;))!

But what makes it so particular is all the big screens and fun games to play!

Live sports is the main point

The bar is very spacious, with two big rooms and loads of chairs and stools to enjoy a nice match with friends. The atmosphere is very modern and relaxing! 
sports bar Dublin 12 screens

If you want to follow a match of your favorite team, Buskers On The Ball is the ideal place for you! Thanks to its 12 screens, the pub can play different fixtures at the same time, for everybody to enjoy their time there. There’s also a cool giant video wall!

So obviously, they have a lot of sports channels like Sky Sports 1, 2, 4, 5, F1, Mix etc, Eurosport 1, 2, BT sports 1, 2, 3, Chelsea TV, Racing UK, Motorsport TV etc.) so you can be sure they will be able to screen your favourite teams and sports events.

Play pool, ping-pong or  foosball in Dublin city centre 

sports-bars-pool-dublin-buskers-on-the-ballOk it’s true, Dublin has a lot of great sports bars but what makes The Buskers On the Ball so unique is all the games they have to offer for you to spend an amazing time with your lads!

There, you can play pool, ping-pong, foosball and even shuffleboard!

buskers-on-the-ball-sports-bar-dublin-table-tennisTo be honest we didn’t know about this one and we are still not sure about the rules… probably because we spent too much time playing pool and table tennis! 🙂

Get a free platter for 6 with Sports In Bars

free platter buskers on the ball dublin temple bar


And cherry on the cake, you can get a free platter if you’re 6 or more and book with Sports In Bars here 

We got some pictures from Fabio who told us it was really good and large, apparently, they couldn’t finish the platter (see photos below)!

free platter buskers on the ball dublin Sports In Bars is very happy to welcome Buskers on the Ball as our new partner and we wish you a lot of fun there!

Their Facebook page:

Woolshed sports bar dublin

Welcome to the Woolshed baa in Dublin, our new partner!

UPDATE: You can now book a table for 6 or more with us at Woolshed Baa and get a FREE PLATTER

Regularly ranked in the to 25% of best pubs in Ireland according to Tripadvisor, Woolshed Baa is definitely one of the best places to go in Dublin.
Including its quality food meals and drinks, it’s one of the top-5 sports bars in Ireland.
Woolshed does not only broadcast the more popular sports (such as football, golf and rugby), but also NFL and Australian leagues

So you want to watch a match but you think it won’t be shown because there are bigger ones being played at the same time ? No problem, three massive screens and 15 plasmas allow Woolshed to show a huge variety of different sports often at the same time.

Last but not least, Woolshed is famous for its weekly karaoke every Thursday from 9.30 at night with all Cocktail jugs for only €15 and the ability to reserve a table.

THE place to be without any doubt for Enrique, Spanish tourist in Dublin, who declares ‘Good place and amazing spicy chicken wings! Thursday of karaoke! If you don’t have plans on Thursday you need to be here!!’.

We are delighted that Woolshed have joined Sports In Bars, the best Irish website sporting event calendar in bars! Without a doubt, all our website fans and followers will be happy with our new partner as well, with a bigger choice in sports and in match atmosphere from now on!

leicester Premier League Trophy 2016 Dublin Bars

Can Leicester City retain their Premier League Crown next season?

‘Incredible’, ‘astonishing’, ‘unbelievable’. Just some of the words used to describe Leicester cities League Title.

Few people dared to dream and bet on Leicester’s ultimate victory, even by mid season when the boys in blue were sitting pretty at the summit of the premier league.. Eventually, an ample lead of seven points separated Leicester from its main rival, Tottenham. Everyone, including supporters, players and bookmakers, are now wondering if Claudio Ranieri’s team will be able to repeat such a performance.

The ‘big four’ teams have been very active the pre season trasfer market. Illustrious coaches Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho joined Manchester City and Manchester United respectively. The latter signed the most expensive player in the History of football, French midfield Paul Pogba for 120M€. He will be joined by another star, the international Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Meanwhile in Leicester, although the club may earn more than 300M€ thanks to its title and its financial bonanza in terms of sponsorship, the temptation in several players’ minds to leave the club has been strong. After selling Ngolo Kanté to Chelsea, Riyad Mahrez will likely be on his way to Arsenal or Chelsea very soon. Both players were instrumental in Leicesters magical recipe to win the trophy. However, an important ingredient has not to be forgotten : the participation in the next UEFA Champions League may help leicsester hold onto some its priezed assets. whatsmore the attraction of playing champions league football should attract players to the club that will streghten not weaken the team.

This year it is different. Leicester will no longer be seen as underdogs . The opposition teams will be ready for them the pressure will come on them quickly if they have a bad start to the season.

There’s something we can be sure about: times have changed for Leicester. they will need to compete in both the premier league and the champions league. this will test thier mettle and their resources.

Friendly match FC Barcelona-Leicester on Wednesday August 3rd will be a good indicator of what to expect from the foxes in the coming season. To watch the match in Dublin, do not hesitate to refer to our search engine and choose your pub!