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Woolshed sports bar dublin

Welcome to the Woolshed baa in Dublin, our new partner!

UPDATE: You can now book a table for 6 or more with us at Woolshed Baa and get a FREE PLATTER

Regularly ranked in the to 25% of best pubs in Ireland according to Tripadvisor, Woolshed Baa is definitely one of the best places to go in Dublin.
Including its quality food meals and drinks, it’s one of the top-5 sports bars in Ireland.
Woolshed does not only broadcast the more popular sports (such as football, golf and rugby), but also NFL and Australian leagues

So you want to watch a match but you think it won’t be shown because there are bigger ones being played at the same time ? No problem, three massive screens and 15 plasmas allow Woolshed to show a huge variety of different sports often at the same time.

Last but not least, Woolshed is famous for its weekly karaoke every Thursday from 9.30 at night with all Cocktail jugs for only €15 and the ability to reserve a table.

THE place to be without any doubt for Enrique, Spanish tourist in Dublin, who declares ‘Good place and amazing spicy chicken wings! Thursday of karaoke! If you don’t have plans on Thursday you need to be here!!’.

We are delighted that Woolshed have joined Sports In Bars, the best Irish website sporting event calendar in bars! Without a doubt, all our website fans and followers will be happy with our new partner as well, with a bigger choice in sports and in match atmosphere from now on!