Surf beach bar at Cornwall

Do want a place to play, eat and drink this summer after surfing in Sennen beach?


Do want a place to play, eat and drink this summer after surfing in Sennen beach? Then you can go to the Surf Beach Bar. It has a fabulous view of the Sennen beach that all visitors to West Penwith and Sennen agree is unrivaled by other bars in the vicinity.

Whichever part you choose to explore be it strolling on the beach side, or surfing, you will have beach bars to eat and drink. However, the preferred one remains Surf beach bar. Let us take you on a trip to this famous bar in Sennen Cove.

Surf beach bar at Cornwall

The Surf Beach Bar in Sennen Cove

Firstly, you should know that going to the Surf Beach Bar with a surfboard can be interesting whether you hire or buy one. If you are budget-minded, you can find the best-used surfboard according to your level of expertise. Why? Well, your trip would not be complete if you visit the Surf Beach Bar in Sennen Cove without surfing in the clear water of Sennen Beach.

The surf beach bar is in the pristine Sennen Cove in Cornwall, two miles before the island’s end. The bar gives you unbeatable views of the clear ocean water and the Sennen Cove.

As a beachgoer, surfer, tourist, or hiker to the Bay, the Surf Beach Bar accommodated in the former Beach restaurant, is your earnest choice among other excellent beach bars in Cornwall.

This relaxed beachside bar has a friendly and caring staff. The Surf Bar is not only a striking cafe in the best spot in Cornwall, but also has extensive parking facilities with a custodian.

The Surf Beach Bar, Food and Playtime Services

At this beachside restaurant, you can eat nutritious favorites your family has always cherished. The shop opens Wednesday to Sunday at 10:30 am, and the Roast is at noon.

Remain assured that its culinary experts obtain the cooking ingredients only from reliable local suppliers. The cooks hand-picked these seasonal ingredients to cook your favorite burgers, pasta, and pizzas for your eating delight.

Arguably, the Surf Beach Bar is the most trusted beach bar to relax and surf on the beach, in West Cornwall, in the summer with your family.

That’s not all, as the Surf Den a part of the Surf Beach Bar, treats you with melodious music from its resident DJ while dining outdoors in the Summer months. At the Surf Den, eat as much fish and chips, coffee, cakes, and Cornish cream teas as you like. You can even take your dog with you, provided it is on a leash and well-trained.

Sennen beach on Webcam at the Surf Beach Bar

Part of the attraction you should expect at the Surf Beach Bar is the Sennen Webcam. The Sennen Surf Bar offers all customers the privilege of watching the Sennen beach on Webcam.

You can watch the ocean swell in comfort in the Bar before you start surfing by playing the Surfline HD Cam to view the whole Sennen beach. You will also see other live cams in the area.

At the Sennen beach, the sea supplies a Westerly or Southwesterly swell, depending on the time of day you choose to surf at Sennen. The Swell forecast is updated daily on the internet and sometimes ranges between 6 feet to 15 feet at a different time of day.

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